Saturday, January 23, 2010

Video: Finding needle in a haystack with Find In Page

These two videos show how Find In Page for iPhone Safari can be used to quickly find text in long Web pages.

In this first video, I am reading a blog post that has very many comments, and I would like to know if a software library I am interested in (named "Sequel") is mentioned anywhere in the blog post or in the comments that follow. Without Find In Page, I would have to read the entire page, looking for the word "Sequel". Find In Page makes this tedious task a snap.

In this second video, I am looking at the official HTTP specification document - a VERY long page indeed (think book-sized!). In this case, reading the entire page in search of a single word or phrase is downright impossible. But not with Find In Page! I look up every occurrence of the text "200 OK" in this document in mere moments.

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