Monday, April 5, 2010

iPad Compatibility Update

I am happy to report that the iPad compatibility update for Find In Page has been submitted for Apple's approval about 10 minutes ago. This iPad version of Find In Page will be available free of charge to everyone who already owns a copy of the original.

The update fixes two problems with Find In Page on iPad Safari. The first issue is purely cosmetic - toolbar buttons have a pixelated appearance on the much larger iPad screen. The second issue is more serious - the toolbar is cropped at the bottom, so only the top half of the bar is visible.

Hopefully all goes well with the approval process, and the new iPad-compatible version will be available for download shortly. Thanks for your patience to all who purchased Find In Page to use on their brand spanking new iPad - relief is on the way, please stay tuned!

UPDATE (April 7, 2010): I just received an email from Apple that the new version is now available on the  App Store. Once again, thanks for your patience, and I hope you enjoy using Find In Page on your new iPad!


  1. I just gave this app 5 stars in the app store. Terrific addition to Safari on my iPad. One minor, minor request: any chance of upgrading the Find In Page icon, so it looks as crisp on the iPad screen as other icons? Thanks!

  2. Thank you, willum!

    I was not aware of any differences in icons, so I will be looking into this. In the meantime, just so you know, you do not have to keep the app on the device - once you install the bookmarklet into Safari, the app itself can be deleted.

    Thanks again for the positive feedback!

  3. I'm using find in page on my iPad 3G. I am completely happy with it, but I have one tiny suggestion: remove the prompt when you exit. When I hit the X to exit, there's no particular reason to ask me if I really want to exit, of course that's what I meant!

    Casey in Colorado

  4. I love it! Now a suggestion: how about a "paste in page" app/bookmarklet? It would be like textpander or keyboard maestro .. letting you past snippets into ipad/iphone/touch web text fields.

  5. @Casey, I am glad you find the app useful. I appreciate your suggestion - it was a judgement call and I may have made the wrong one erring on the side of caution. I actually did the opposite in my End Of Page app - there is no prompt on exit there. I am not sure I will be making this change in Find In Page at this point though...

    @Owen, I think this is a great idea! I have moved on from this project, but who knows - perhaps sometime in the near future inspiration will strike again :0)

    Thanks all for your positive feedback!

  6. I just installed on my 3 year old IPOD touch and it works great, even off line!

    Edwin Joseph Moelder

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  8. Hello,
    I just installed this bookmarklet and bravo! It has the toolbar with buttons for some useful functions. Next previous etc. I wish they did something besides put up a box asking me if I am done searching. I am using iPhone 4 with iOS 5. Can you test it on an iPhone to see what I am seeing?

  9. Disregard my previous post. It has automagically started working like I expected.